I never repeat it enough; wedding photography is, above all, about meeting people. To be on the same wavelength, to have the same tastes, is to make sure that the photographer who is going to be as closely as possible to you will be discreet and blend into your families and guests. The civil marriage took place in the heart of Paris. We started the photo report at home with intimate preparations. For the civil marriage the groom even had the right to dress the bride. Tender gestures that I had the privilege to attend and to be able to immortalize unposed on the stop. After the 3rd town hall we went to the Cyclone Studio for a cocktail. Religious marriage is also made in Paris at the Synagogue des Tournelles, one of the most beautiful in Paris. And then we left for the famous château de Vallery. The pigeonnier for the bridal chamber and the preparations, the Riyadh for the henna ceremony, the rose and the garden to take pictures … everything is allowed in Vallery, especially dreaming.